May 27, 2018


I'm gonna be honest, this was interesting as a sort of experiment, but I don't think I care enough about this blog's content to keep it going.  The interest just isn't there anymore.  If I come up with a different format that's more meaningful and I'm more invested in, Timsical Thoughts might come back, but as it is, consider this an indefinite stop of posting.

May 10, 2018


If you value your boots, don't let Wil Willis do a paracord wrap.

May 8, 2018


The sun shines, the wind blows, RedBubble is having a sale.

May 7, 2018


Imprisoning me,
All that I see,
Absolute cheesecake.

May 5, 2018


Stay in the Drift.  The Drift is silence, silence is beef, beef is what's for dinner.

May 2, 2018


I really feel like someone should have told me this was today.